Who Offers Decorative Concrete Flooring in Lakeview, Lima & Sidney, OH & San Antonio, TX?

High Traffic Flooring will prepare your floor for installation

If you're interested in adding personality to your concrete flooring, consider decorative concrete coating services. High Traffic Flooring installs decorative concrete flooring in the Lakeview, OH and San Antonio, TX area.

There are endless options when it comes to creating a floor that looks the way you want. Talk to us about:

Polished concrete

Metallic flooring

Logo installation

Wood finishes

Flagstone finishes

Acrylic chip

Decorative quartz

We'll go over the available styles, colors and textures. Contact High Traffic Flooring today to learn more about decorative concrete coating options in Lakeview, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas area.

We'll remove imperfections before the installation begins

Every new floor begins with proper preparation. Even the best products won't adhere if your floor isn't properly set. We'll remove dirt, imperfections, oil and grease before applying the chosen products. We can grind down the surface or remove tiles before installation begins.

Call (937)-206-9199 today to schedule your decorative concrete flooring installation in the Lakeview, OH area.

Decorative Products

Decorative Quartz

Decorative Quartz