I highly recommend Tom Sachetti and his company, High Traffic Flooring, for your consideration. Tom's work on our hallway, atrium, and six of our classrooms has been a spectacular addition to our graphic design college. By removing carpeting and refinishing our concrete floors, [Tom has] made our building look better than when it was brand new. Tom's work has been professional in all ways; on time and on budget. We are certainly pleased with High Traffic Flooring's services.

Tim Potter

Owner, School of Advertising Arts

To Tom:
I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with the concrete epoxy floor your company placed. My wife can tell you that every time I get out of our car, I say, "I love it." It is so nice to have a floor with no cracks or stains showing and so easy to maintain. THe only thing I've done so far is to sweep leaves out and mop up the rainwater that drains off the car. Also, it is nice to know that no chemicals will harm the floor.

I must tell you that my wife had a garage sale in August and had many compliments about the floor. One lady stood there for a little bit and then remarked, "I'm 74 years old and that's the most beautiful garage floor I've ever seen in my life."

When performing work, your people advised us of each step and when they would return for the next step. They were very diligent and neat, which shows in the final product.

My wife and I are very proud of our garage floor and are more than happy to show it to others. Thanks for a great job!

John Loxley


Dear Tom,

Thank you for the exceptional job you and your crew did in our church this last week. We had long desired to get our floors 're-done' in a manner that would be easy to keep clean, attractive, and not burden us with an exorbitant cost.

Your suggestions and process filled all those needs. ...[Also,] we sometimes see workers come around who do not respect the church and what it stands for. We did not see that with you or your crew. ....Thank you for a job we perceive as being both well done, and professionally well done.

May God bless,

Dwight Cimino

Pastor, Westfield Community Church

Great job done in our patio by the crew from High Traffic Flooring. We needed the expertise they brought to resolve a problem of water leaking from our patio into the garage. The coating they put down has been doing the job and it looks great, too!

Gregory, G.